KODAK Digital Still Camera

It has been a pleasure working with Jil bringing my home up to date. She constantly looked for ways to refresh, reuse, and repurpose my older purchases along with adding new items and all on a minimal budget!

     S. Barnes  
Goldsboro, North Carolina

KODAK Digital Still Camera

KODAK Digital Still Camera

Jil Young gets my whole-hearted recommendation. Working with her is easy. She is a good listener, pinpoints her clients' interests and needs, and has excellent working relationships with sub-contractors. Our two-room project is now complete and I plan to consult with her again. She has an infectious positive energy that makes the whole process fun.

   Allyson Daly
, Goldsboro North Carolina

KODAK Digital Still Camera

The Jil Young Design team was fantastic to work with. Their knowledge of aesthetics coupled with the perfect design elements really made a difference in our space. We were impressed with Jil's friendly and easy going personality, but she is no nonsense when it comes to getting the work accomplished timely and absolutely exceeded our expectations all around.

  Nicole Benitez
Nicole Benitez Photography, San Diego CA

I have hired Jil many time over the past few years for "staging" my clients homes and for re-designing my own personal residence and  beach house. She has an amazing eye for design and makes the transformation happen very quickly. She is extremely professional and sensitive to  my clients needs.

San Diego, CA 

KODAK Digital Still Camera

When one lives with the same furniture ( because it is too good to replace) and it remains in the same place, it begins to feel tired or dated. A fresh eye can visualize possibilities, and with some rearranging, maybe a new pillow or two, a new, clean look can be accomplished. Jil Young is the facilitator that can make the magic happen. She is creative with using items at hand to make a brand new look.      

  Home Owner
New Bern NC

It's amazing how Jil transformed and organized our kitchen cabinets and pantry. Best of all it has stayed that way for an entire year and my crazy family of 5 (and many more) know where to find and return everything in my kitchen. Thank you Jil! I love my new organized space, I now smile when walking into my pantry!

  Trisha Sehnert
Owner: Bello Lei Salon, Fallbrook CA

Sixty years of marriage and our house was full of inherited items, collections, knick knacks, a myriad of possessions.....just too much stuff. We were being smothered and couldn't enjoy our living space, but how to solve the problem seemed beyond my ability. I looked for help and found Jil Young. This girl worked a miracle. She created space, organized items, and worked with me to separate items to keep and those to go. She is efficient, decisive, creative, and even fun to work with.

New Bern, North Carolina
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